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100 years of innovation

The history of Steel Products begins in 1924 with the visionary and ambitious silversmith Aage Østergaard, who one day said “We can do that!” about a metal job – without really knowing how to – yet.

Thanks to his professionalism and innovative skills, the results was extremely successful. And so began a successful adventure in the metal business. Today Steel Products consists of Brdr. Madsen Maskinfabrik A/S, Steel Products DFT A/S and Steel Products Aage Østergaard A/S.

Our approach reamians the same as then: We believe – and continously proove – that “we can do that”. Also the impossible. That is why we are the innovative company, we are today. With nearly a hundred years of entrepreneurship, curiosity, will and hard work we have developed specialised competencies and master processes like only a few in the world.

A job in metal? We can do that!


What do our costumers say

  • Optimised development process

    Steel Products’ geographical proximity to us and the good dialogue we have with them, provides a faster and shorter development process. That supports the daily cooperation, which in the end means better solutions - and fast and flexible delivery, both in the development process and in the running production.

    Claus Møller
    Global Purchasing Manager
    Alfa Laval

    Flexible product maturation

    We have had a close and rewarding cooperation with Steel Products on product maturing our new product for serial production. Throughout the process, we have had a fruitful exchange of ideas with many learnings on the specific product. We have especially benefitted from Steel Products competencies on deep-drawing and their flexibility in trying our various solutions in real life.

    Tomas Skjærris
    Head of Product Management
    Flonidan A/S
  • Reduction in weight and on CO2

    In the cooperation with Steel Products we have achieved a weight reduction in the finished product of 500 KG in total. By converting the components from casted components to sheet metal, we did not only achieve an added value on the bottom line but also on the environment, as the weight reduction also reduces the fuel consumption and less strain on farm land.

    Optimised construction and reduced price

    We are very happy working with Steel Products. Less weight, higher strength and stiffness in the component are some of the results we have had. Achieving a reduced price on top compared to our previous supplier only made it better. Now that the component is in series production, no one doubts that the integrated cooperation between our development departments made such a good result possible on such short notice.

  • Less raw material - reduced weight of component

    In using spun components, we have achieved a large reduction in raw materials in the components, which previously were manufactured as casted or forged components. Furthermore, the spun components have better balancing qualities, which reduces the wear on the bearing. On top of the direct savings, the reduction in weight of the components has eased our job in complying with the current emission standards.

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