At Steel Products, we all have the same approach to the tasks; We can and will use our expertise and innovative processes to move your business.

We develop solutions that develop our customers. We do this by getting involved in your business and your issues, so that we can make the right choices regarding processes, flow, and equipment. That way you end up with the best possible end result.

Increase your competitiveness

Every task requires insight and innovation, and with the market’s widest selection of processes, we can offer the smartest solutions: We can optimize your products in areas such as strength, weight, and environmental footprint. We have an adaptable mindset that sees opportunities rather than limitations, and we are not afraid to take the lead in development projects and test new solutions.

Avoid wasting resources and cut down on the CO2 footprint

Through energy saving processes, we help you to produce more environmentally- and climate correctly. One of our specialties is finding manufacturing methods that use less raw material and avoid resource wastage. We find the most optimal solution, regardless of whether you need to develop a new product, modify an existing product or are in the process of implement-ing a cost down project.

A strategic business partner

For us, good collaborations are based on personal relationships, clear communication, and a common goal. That philosophy applies to everything we do – from the way we serve our customers to the synergy between our departments. Key people in your company will work closely with one of our project managers, who is in daily contact with the technical staff who design and produce your metal parts. In this way, we ensure a flexible and efficient process, where there is a short path from decision to execution.

Uncompromising quality requirements

With almost 100 years of experience, uncompromising quality requirements and stable processes, we contribute with increased value, both technically and commercially, to the benefit of your business. The result is strong and homogeneous metal parts, shaped through specially adapted manufacturing processes.

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