Light weight items and electrical parts

Supplier for the e-mobility industry

For more than 20 years, we have delivered metal parts for the automotive industry, both as a tier 1 and tier 2 supplier.

Today the automotive industry undergoes a shift towards green mobility and electrification. This pushes every member of the supply chain, to innovate new solutions, that overcomes a new set of challenges like range anxiety, the demand for low weight designs, energy storage and quick charging solutions.

With our 100 years of expertise in forming metal, we add value at our part of the supply chain and support our customers in their journey towards electrification.

How do we contribute to e-mobility innovation?

We provide our customers access to a unique knowledgebase and a versatile variety of metal forming processes.

We help e-mobility customers reduce material consumption, reduce product weight and manufacture complex shapes in almost any type of metal and alloy.

  • Material minimization
    Our engineers are industry experts in creating and re-thinking product designs, that reduce material consumption, without compromising strength and quality. See the NIBE-case. Additionally, we specialize in cold and chipless manufacturing processes which reduces material waste. 
  • Reduced product weight
    When our engineers create product designs that minimizes material consumption, it naturally also minimizes the product weight. See the Poly-V case. Additionally, by using cold manufacturing processes instead of hot processes (e.g., casting), the material strength is preserved better. This enables us to reduce the products wall thicknesses, while still complying with the products strength requirements. 
  • Parts for both high and low voltage systems
    With our multifunction and high speed stamping machines, we can produce large quantities of small and complex components in copper, brass and aluminium for e.g., electrical devices, batteries and EV charging systems. We also cold forge larger items for high voltage systems, an example is or high voltage connector in copper.
  • Automated manufacturing for large production volumes
    Our versatile production, enable us to perform multiple types of metal forming processes. We can combine several processes to shape complex product geometries. These complex geometries can be manufactures in up to very large production series, due to our highly automated machinery.

Product examples

We help e-mobility manufacture parts for e.g.:

Hydrogen systems and fuel cells, battery technology, hybrid engines, electric systems, switch gears, busbars, chassis, casings, housings and covers. 

This is just some examples, but we are always up for a new challenge. 

We are certified automotive suppliers

Our production facilities are ISO 9001 certified and IATF 16949 certified, to ensure you an optimal quality level.

See our certificates here

Total supplier

Development, prototyping, tooling and multiprocess manfacturing  

We can support you all the way from idea to market. We produce metal parts according to your specifications or our engineers can define the design and specifications together with you. 

Our tooling department can design tools for our hydraulic and mechanic presses, so that you don’t have to coordinate with external tooling providers. 

Our 40.000 m2 production site is, equipped with numerus machines for metal forming processes, including more than 100 presses. Therefore, there is a great chance, that we can create your desired product design, regardless its geometrical complexity or type of material.


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