Innovation, responsibility and quality on time

Vision, mission and values


Steel Products want to be the preferred partner on complex metal components and systems through innovative added value.


Steel Products is a technology leader with cold forming processes; through innovation and product development inproving  cutomer competitiveness.

Our behaviour is characterised by continued performance improvements and profitability of our processes and supply chains.


”Engineering Steel – Optimizing Business” is our fundamental principle. Making the right choice on processes, flow and equipment to meet customer expectations, creates value for all parties.

We know of the importance of continuous innovative improvements and does this through employee involvement and in close co-operation with our customers.

We invest in our employees and the environment to ensure a modern and competent company group.

Our present and future competences must secure continuous development while making Steel Products an attractive employer and a preferred partner.

We strive for an environment of innovative solutions, responsibility and quality on time.