New 3D printer at Steel Products


Larger 3D printer offers new possibilities

We constantly strive to optimize workflows and to ensure the prerequisites for our employees to solve any challenge the best way possible – and ultimately create improved results for our customers.

That is why we have recently invested in a new 3D printer, which can print larger items than we could before. It has turned out to be an effective auxiliary tool that makes everyday life easier in several departments of the company.

The new 3D printer has a capacity of 600x600x600 mm. This increased range gives us broader opportunities to test ideas, improve designs, make auxiliary tools, and prepare mockups, which we benefit from in the development phase, as well as in production and in meetings with the customer.

Our different 3D printers and the many options in material also provide great savings and faster response in production itself. For example, 3D printing can replace parts that would otherwise have to be made in metal or carved from rubber. A solution that can be both more expensive, more time consuming, and less environmentally friendly. We constantly challenge the limits of how 3D printing can improve our processes.

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Increased capacity – to meet increased demand 

We have installed two new hydraulic presses with respectively 600 and 500 tons of pressing force to meet the increased demand from the market. As a subcontractor, we see it as an important ability to be able to keep up with the increases in demand experienced by our customers. Our broad and deep range of equipment ensures this.  

With a wide selection of machines, we can contribute the greatest possible value to our customers and produce wisely, efficiently and with the shortest time to market. 

The technical properties of the new hydraulic presses are ideal for the production of heat exchanger plates (of which we are producing many right now) and other complex, deep-drawn items for e.g. the process industry and the hydraulic industry. 

Read more about the possibilities within deep drawing here





The energy crisis and conversion to greener solutions have really boosted the demand for heat exchangers, which are an important component for heating systems that help save large amounts of energy on temperature regulation. At the moment, Steel Products produces large quantities of heat exchanger plates for different customers in this industry, and we are thus an important piece in the green transition. 

In some people’s minds, it is difficult to reconcile the steel industry and the environment. The fact is, however, that we are quite a decisive player to have on the team when more sustainable and energy-efficient solutions need to be developed and produced across (mostly) all industries. For us, however, it is not only important to think about the end product; We also see it as our responsibility to ensure that the entire production is as environmentally friendly and resource-saving as possible. 

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Can you say
“rødgrød med fløde”?

We employ passionate and competent people – regardless of background, culture, and language. Therefore, we have several employees who aren’t native Danish speakers.

As an international company, English is a natural part of our communication, but on a day-to-day basis it is nice to be able to communicate in Danish as well – both in and outside of work. There are public language courses available, but they are often held in the evenings, which takes time away from family, friends and other activities in an already busy schedule.

That’s why we offer free Danish lessons during working hours for all non-Danish-speaking employees.

We see is as an investment that generates value throughout the organization on multiple levels. For the same reason, we also teach other in-house courses like math, metrology, and welding.