Complex metal components in large quantities


Stamping, fine blanking, high speed stamping – according to your needs

Stamping and pressing is a strong alternative, that results in strong metal items with a smoother surface quality, compared to forged or casted items.
We can press and punch in steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum.

We stamp in a thickness of up to 8 mm sheet metal and a coil width of up to 200 mm. Our production capacity is from 80 to 400 tons and at up to 120 strokes per minute – with high-speed stamping up to 1,400 strokes per minute.

We combine stamping with spinning and pressing for complex metal components at large quantities.

See examples on items we manufacture using a stamping process

Fine blanking

When an item is stamped from a metal sheet, it is only a part of the thickness of the sheet, that is cut by the machine. To loosen the item completly, from the remaining part of the sheet, the machine simply torn off the item, the rest of the way through the material. This is what you technically refer to, as the blank-zone and the break-zone of a stamped item. In fine blanking you obtain a deeper blank-zone than in a traditional stamping process.

A deeper blank-zone makes fine blanking a process ideal for manufacturing precision items with tight tolerances and smoother surfaces and edges. Also, fine blanking eliminates burr. Therefore, it is often not necessary to perform any finishing processes subsequently.

See examples of items we manufacture using a fine blanking process

High-speed stamping

If your product-case requires large volumes, high-speed stamping might be a solution. Our high-speed stamping machines can perform up to 1200 strokes per minute. We can high-speed stamp in cobber, brass, steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.