Taking the UN Sustainable Development Goals as our base, we are working day in and day out to reduce our carbon footprint and generate positive changes that raise us to a higher level – as a workplace, as a manufacturer and as a partner.


Internal initiatives that generate lasting value

We are committed to implementing long-term solutions that make a significant difference (CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility). Finding ways to cut our consumption of energy and resources is one of our key areas of initiative, and has been for many years.

Thus far, our journey towards a smaller climate footprint has resulted in a variety of certifications and a production set-up distinguished by minimal waste of resources. We are particularly proud of having effectively reduced water consumption, largely through establishing an installation that efficiently filters and recirculates used water.

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Key milestones in our green transition

Our Carbon Footprint Journey

We guide companies towards improved carbon accounts

With the broadest range of moulding processes in the sector, we help companies manufacture using as few resources as possible. Our peerless combination of skilled specialists, strategic sparring and smart selection of moulding processes enables us both to create stronger products and to assist customers in reducing their carbon footprint per unit manufactured.

On request, we can deliver a report on your steel product’s CO2 footprint – scope 1, 2 and 3.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals – We’re taking responsibility

No poverty

Mining regions often face major problems including armed conflicts, serious pollution and high inequality. In view of this, Steel Products always performs a thorough supply chain due diligence to avoid conflict minerals and negative impact on the local population.

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Good health and well-being

We work to secure a safe and healthy working environment by providing education and training for workers, reducing repetitive work processes, performing regular evaluations and implementing every possible safety measure to keep the number of accidents at zero.

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Gender Equality

We have a zero tolerance policy towards gender-related discrimination. We place great emphasis on maintaining open and respectful communication. Any concerns and complaints can be reported via our whistleblower scheme, which ensures 100% anonymity and protection for the whistleblower.

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Clean Water

Here at Steel Products, we have undertaken to minimise our total environmental impact and one of the most important areas in our organisation is water consumption. We are working purposefully to minimise consumption, through measures including phasing out harmful chemicals and filtering and recirculating used water.

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Decent work and economic growth

At Steel Products, we recognise that a good work/life balance is crucial to well-being, job satisfaction and productivity alike. We place emphasis on operating fair and flexible clocking-on times and an open culture – and, of course, on respecting the rights of all employees. 

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Reduce Inequality

We are committed to making a positive difference wherever we can. That is why we focus on always contributing to social and financial development in those areas where we operate. We work exclusively with companies that share the same ethical standards.  

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Responsible Consumption & Production

We use more than 90% recycled steel in our production. By monitoring our entire supply chain we are able, on an ongoing basis, to identify opportunities to minimise our resource consumption and carbon footprint – both internally and per unit manufactured for our customers.

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Climate Action

Two of our biggest areas of initiative are: 1) reduction of raw material consumption through smarter design and non-cutting machining processes involving minimum waste; and 2) reduction of water consumption through monitoring, filtering, recirculation and water-saving installations.

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Partnerships for the goals

It is of paramount importance to us to do business on the basis of integrity, transparency and honesty. We operate with clear agreements and guidelines for our staff, partners and suppliers with the aim of ensuring a fair and ethical working environment free from bribery and corruption.  

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