Challenges, freedom and good collegues

Meet our employees

We can simulate and develop the impossible

Casper Clausen is Project Manager and handles e.g. dynamic Finite Element simulation and preparation of new projects for production.

”As an engineer, I find the development of processes fascinating. I’m partial to the preparation of new products – to simulate projects from idea and seeing them becoming reality. That is an incredible feeling to push the button, be part of the development process and in the end see the result in real life!

At the same time, it can be a difficult transition from project to production. That is how it is in a company, where we take pride in making the impossible. I like to be a part of the technical discussion with the customer, to solve the challenges together. We have an open culture, and everybody is good at giving ideas and input, which makes the whole project process much more alive and interesting.”

My unsolicited application paid out

Karina Andresen is a Planner and handles e.g. production planning and customer contact.

“I did not imagine it to go so quickly, but not long after I sent an unsolicited application, I was offered a job. I only asked for a “coffee date” to tell about my skills, and the chemistry was good.

I really like the daily work at Steel Products. New things happen every day, and it never gets uniform. My colleagues are visionary and have lots of experience to draw from.”

A good place to be if you’re ambitious

Thomas Hoffmann Stockholm is a toolmaker apprentice.

“I applied for an apprenticeship at Steel Products, because it is the best place to learn about tooling within the industry. You can really explore details and you actually produce something every day, so you get both theory and practice. I’m allowed to test a lot of things by myself and do not only operate one machine. It is cool to know, that I one day can make parts for my motorcycle e.g. I’m really happy about my apprenticeship.”

Great to work in a company, which just wants to go ahead

Jimmi Astrup is Project Manager, Technical Department, attached to specific departments and handles e.g. projects and implementation of automated quality control.

”My work is very much about making colleagues succeed with complicated projects. I will never grow tired of that. Especially finding solutions to new challenges every day – challenges I haven’t necessarily met before. It is immensely motivating to work in the interface of people and technique. Not two days are alike, and I have the possibility to make results to be proud of.

My department has great confidence and Steel Products is a company really going forward. However, in my job I must risk making mistakes, without having the feeling of failure. Sometimes the pressure is great, and you do not always get all things done that day. So, it is important that the management has our backs and supports us in our daily job.”

East or West, home is best

Kim Wærum Laursen is an Operator and handles e.g. the Poly V automatisation line.

“I have been almost everywhere in this factory and tried almost everything during the time I have been here. From Toolmaker to Production Manager for a combined 25 years. During a period of 2 years, I was somewhere else. But I chose to return to Steel products, because it is a unique company, where I feel at home. You have freedom with responsibility and there is room for the person, you are.

In addition, it suits me really well that my job consists of about 70% routine and 30 % problem solving. I do not leave until the problem is solved, I always take the challenge.”

I can help create my own job

Dorte Colmorn is a bookkeeper and handles e.g. the salaries and other bookkeeping tasks.

”I see Steel Products as a workplace with much personality: We have a strong progress and ambitious visions regarding the marked development. On one hand the company is big enough to have many possibilities – without the heavy layers of you might see in bigger organisations. That means that I can help create my own job and pitch ideas directly to the management. You get influence by contributing and being open to what you meet on the way. We are really good colleagues here at Steel Products. We work very well together across departments and we succeed through compromising.”

Together we are better

Nikethan Nagarathnam is Team Coordinator and handles e.g. the cleaning flow.

“If I should highlight one thing I really like about my work, it is knowing the processes. Because then I can optimise and make improvement suggestions, which make a difference. It is a good feeling to be able to deliver an even better product to the customer – and making our everyday work more optimal at the same time. Of course, there will be hurdles on the way. But we all know, that the cooperation in the team is important to continuously improve ourselves.”

We can depend on each other

Morten Jessen is a Toolmaker and handles e.g. the preparation of new tools for tests.

”I like the spirit of Steel Products. It is exciting to be part of a bigger company, than I’m used to. If in doubt, just ask. There will always be somebody, who has the missing piece to the puzzle, so to speak. I work in a new line within my professional field, and in doing so I need to learn new technical principles. That is why it is nice to be able to depend on my colleagues. They are always ready to help, if something occurs. And it goes both ways – it is also a good feeling to be able to help other, when they ask.

The good cooperation also poses an advantage in all the large customer projects we have in Steel Products. I think we do a good job at taking advantage of our possibilities – both in our machinery and our staff – and I’m looking forward to seeing where the journey ends.”

Steel Products Aage Østergaard is my factory

Benny Jensen is Project Manager and handles e.g. maturing of new customer Projects.

“I actually feel that Steel Products Aage Østergaard is “my” factory. I stated in 1978 sweeping floors and began my apprenticeship in the “development” department in Dagnæs, where I qualified as a Toolmaker. Before I became a Project Manager, I have also been a Production Manager and supervisor of the tooling department – so I know the company really well.

The most exciting in my job is to see a project develop from idea to finished product together with my colleagues. Also, the contact with both new and old customers I find exciting. To talk to the people behind and together find the solution to their/our challenges. I also appreciate the cheerful tone we have here. Everybody can make a suggestion and be heard.”

Me and my machine

Jan Lund Jensen is an Operator and knows many “tricks of the trade” at Steel Products.

“I have always been able to fix things and it is an advantage to be able to do many different things in my line of work. E.g. I have made 90 % of programmes for this machine, which I also piloted.

One of the best things in my work is to explore “my” machine, when a new project is tested. It is always exciting and even after 10 years there are still things I do not know about my machine – but I will find out!”

Steel Products is something special

Kjeld Lund is Production Manager and handles e.g. half of the running production in Nordborg.

”As a manager, I give the relationship with colleagues and employees a high priority. It is very giving with a good rapport – and it is important when solving the daily tasks in my departments. It is the good tone and the opportunity to form your own job that makes Steel Products something special. We have a wide freedom to act, and I see people grove with that and the responsibility that goes with it.

I have been a production manager for more than 30 years, so I have seen much. And what makes Steel Products different, is the informal working climate and that our professional boundaries are very wide. I really like that, because it means that I keep trying something new and can seize various challenges as they come.”