Complex components with high strength

Cold Forging

That’s why we specialize in cold forging…

We have chosen to specialize in cold forging, as one of the few suppliers in Europe – and that is for a reason… Cold forging is a resource saving process, which adds some unique abilities to the products as well.

How does cold forging save resources?

  • Cold forging reduces waste
    Cold forging is a process that does not produce shavings. Mostly alle of the cut off raw material remains in the finished product. Material waste from shavings is thereby eliminated.
  • Cold forging reduces the energy consumption
    Cold Forging is a cold process. Therefore, no energy consumption for heating up the material is required contrary to casting -and traditional forging process.

Cold forgings resource saving abilities, reduces the unit price of the items and consist a more environmentally friendly solution as well. That strengthen our customers competitive advantage, while reducing the carbon footprint. The resource-saving properties are also the reason why several of our customers, have chosen to replace the production of an existing product with a cold forged solution, in connection with their cost-down projects.

Which abilities does cold forged items have

  • High Strength
    By pressing the material instead of cutting in the structure of the material, e.g., through a turning or milling process, the material is processed in a way, that adds more strength to the material.
  • Tight tolerances
    Through a cold forging process, items can be shaped with very tight tolerances. This makes cold forging especially relevant for precision tasks or items that must be a part of a tight fit system with other components.
  • Smooth surfaces
    The surface of cold forged items does neither contain ash-marks, from embers or gas bobbles in the material, which is inevitable in a casting process. By preventing this, cold forged items obtain a smoother and more homogeneous surface.

Cold forged items high strength and tight tolerances, makes the process especially relevant for the manufacturing of mechanical units e.g., components for motors, power transmission, and hydraulic systems. Here the items must be durable and is a part of a tight fit system with other components.

Which tasks can be solved using cold forging

The versatility of our production facility and competencies allows us to solve complex cold forging tasks in most materials and we have enough capacity to produce up to very large batch sizes. We can combine cold forging with e.g., punching and turning, for the tasks that require it.

Our flexible production machinery can deliver pressures from 100 to 1,000 tons, and up to 1,800 punch per hour. We can both cold forge steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper.

We manufacturer cold forged items to many different industries and products. E.g., we have manufactured items for hydraulic systems, exhaust systems, injection nozzles, transmission units, high voltage systems and much more. We can probably solve your product case as well and we are always ready for a new challenge.

See examples of products we manufacture using cold forging