High precision for complex metal components


We specialize in deep-drawing. And that is for a reason…

Deep-drawing is a particularly attractive process, as it is saves resources and adds several improved properties, to the processed metal items, compared to alternative processes.

How does deep-drawing save resources?

  • Deep-drawing reduces material waste
    The items are formed without producing metal shavings. Shavings are waste.
    Also, deep-drawn items high material strength, often makes it possible to produce items using a thinner material, without compromising quality.
  • Deep-drawing reduce energy consumption
    In contrast to casted and forged items, deep-drawn items are not heated up during processing. This saves energy related to the heating process.
  • Deep-drawing reduces the amount of processing steps and thereby the labor.
    The items geometries, can often be formed without welds and further finishing processes. This reduces the number of operations.

Deep-drawing’s resource saving abilities, decrease the unit-price of the items and reduces the carbon footprint. This strengthens our customers profitability and CSR position.

Which abilities does deep-drawn items have?

  • Deep-drawn items are strong
    Deep-drawing is a cold metal forming process., which in contrast to hot forming processes, does not create small gas bobbles in the material. Gas bobbles makes the material porous, so by preventing these bobbles the material becomes stronger.
  • Deep-drown items have smooth and homogeneous surfaces
    The material does not contain gas bobbles, and ash-marks from embers in a casting process, which both leaves irregularities on the surface. By preventing this the surface becomes smoother and more homogeneous.
  • Deep-drawn items can be created, with fewer welds or even without
    The items geometry, can be drawn from the same piece of sheet-metal, rather than forming several pieces of metal separately, and subsequently welding the pieces together, to obtain the desired geometry.

The reduced number of welds, and the smooth surfaces on deep-drawn items, makes them specifically interesting, for products, where the aesthetic appearance is important or products that must be easy to clean or disinfect.
For that reason, we often manufacture deep-drawn items for companies in the medical equipment industry, the food processing equipment industry, and the design industry.   

Deep-drawn items high strength is a useful ability, when the product must be durable and resistant or just when you desire a thinner material on the product without compromising quality. We have often supported customers, who have replaced their original manufacturing process of an existing product, with our deep-drawing solution, as part of a cost-down project.

Which tasks can we solve using deep-drawing?

We perform deep-drawing for several industries, e.g., the medical device industry, the food processing equipment industry, and the automotive industry.

Vi can deep-draw steel, stainless steel, cobber, titan and many other grades. We can form sheet metal from 0,05 mm up to 18 mm.
Out production line performs up to 90 punch per minute with a pressure between 40 and 1250 ton, on both our hydraulic and mechanical pressing machines.

We can combine deep drawing with roll forming – and with welding, surface treatment, turning and milling, to form an item that is ready for the further production and assembling.

Thus, we have a production facility, which can solve most tasks in both small and large production quantities, for both small and global companies.

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