Hygienic, homogeneous items in stainless steel

Supplier to the medical equipment industry

We have manufactured steel parts as a subcontractor to the medical equipment industry in several years. Therefor we have experience with this type of projects and know that you as a company in the medical equipment industry experience strict governmental requirements in relation to quality and hygiene.

Steel Products key competences lies within cold forming processes such as deep-drawing, coldforging and fineblanking. Cold metal forming processes prevents the irregularities that typically occur on welded items and items deriving from hot processes, such as pore and bonding defects as well as marks after embers in a casting process. Thus, using our cold metal forming processes, we achieve a smooth and disinfectable product surface, which is essential or medical equipment.

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Our production is certified

As a subcontractor to the medical equipment industry, we are of course ISO 9001 certified, and we have experience in providing parts for medical equipment, that fully lives up to the quality standards of the industry.

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Precision for sensitive processes

Some medical equipment requires high precision standards, due to the sensitive processes they are part of. With our versatile production equipment and strict quality control system, we can shape complex products down to very low tolerances. Our production equipment can also handle most metals and alloys, and if you need a particular corrosion resistant or light weight material, we can even shape products in titanium.

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We can supply the global market

Most of our customers is international and we operate on all continents, Our organization therefor is used to operate globally. Furtheremor our highly automated production equipment, is ready to handle as well small as large production series.


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