Smooth, homogeneous items in stainless steel

Supplier for the Food processing equipment industry

In more than 75 years, we have manufactured steel items, as a supplier for the food processing equipment industry. Therefore, we are aware of the high quality and hygiene standrads you face, as a company in the industry.

Our key competences lies within cold metal forming processes like deep-drawing, spinning and cold forging. These processes  enable us to form complex products, with a minimum or even without welds. It alto have the the benefit of eliminating those irregularities, that occurs when using hot forming processes. Thereby we obtain smooth and homogenious surfaces, which is particularly important for food contact equipment.

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We comply with food authorities’ recommondations

To meet both your and the food authorities quality requirements, our production is ISO 9001 certified. We are also registered at the danish food authorities, as a certified food contact material manufacturer.

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Corrosion resistant items

Our versatile production facility, enable us to produce items in almost any type of metal. Typically we manufacture products in stainless steel for the food processing equipment industry. Furthermore, if a product is used in a process, that corrodes the material particularly fast, we can also find a solution for that. E.g. we have previously formed complex geometries in titan, for food processing equipment, used for foods with low pH values.

A global supplier with a large production capacity

Every day we deliver products to Asia, America, and Europe, from our two production sites in Denmark. Therefore, our organization, is used to act internationally, and our highly automated production facility is prepared for the demand of a global market.

We can manufacturer items in almost any metals and alloys, and we can combine different metal forming processes, to create strong products, with high complexity in both small and large production quantities.

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