Finished components ready for asssembly

Supporting processes and finishing operations

Welding, turning, milling, deburring, grinding, assembly etc.

As a total supplier, Steel Products has multiple supporting processes to its disposition.

This means that you don’t have to coordinate with several sub-suppliers, to fully complete the manufacturing of your product. We also provide finishing and assembly operations, to make the product completely ready for you.

Supporting operations

CNC turning & milling
Steel Products has more than 50 fully automatet CNC-machines. If your product is to be manufactured in large quantities, we can set these machines up for automatic feeding of raw material, automatic quality control and automatic packaging.

Laser cutting
We have several machines, that both can perform 2D and 3D laser cutting.

Laser engraving
According to your need, we offer laser engraving of e.g., your logo or your product serial number.

Robot welding
We offer both conventional welding, spot welding, coordinate welding, longitudinal seam welding, resistance welding, MIG / MAG, TIG and Plasma.

If your design requires an annealing or celebration process, we have several ovens to our dispotion. For large production quantities, we can also setup a production line, with automatic feeding of items to be annealed.

According to the level of finish your products design requires, we offer robot grinding, deburring, polishing etc.

Surface treatment
We offer both galvanization, pickling, varnishing, and anodizing of the finished items.

Finishing and assembly

We process and finalize your items to become completely ready for the further process. Receive your items customized for your needs, so that they can easily enter directly into your production.

We also offer fully automated finishing lines, for large batch sizes and offer assembly of e.g. o-rings in connection with component manufacturing.

See product-cases where we use various finishing and supporting processes