Case: Contact surface in copper

This case concerns a contact surface used in high voltage systems. To provide optimal electronic conductive properties, the contact surface is made of 100% copper.

How we manufacture the contact surface

The item is manufactured through a 1 step cold forging process. As our presses can provide 1800 beats per hour and because the forming of is done in only one step, we are able to produces this item in very large production series.

Cold Forging

Cold forging is a process that shapes a piece of metal rod, without heating up the material and without cutting in the material like you do in turning processes. The advantage of this, is that material waste is significantly reduced. The alternative would be to design the item on a CNC machine, which would result in large amounts of metal chips, as a waste material.

Reducing the material waste is particularly important for a product like this, as the price of copper is significantly higher than many other types of metal. Cold forging thus has a significant justification in this product case. By using a coldforging solution the waste is reduced by between 50-60% compared to CNC machining the contact surface. The item thus becomes cheaper to produce without compromising the quality of the product.

Another advantage of using a cold forging process, is that it allows for manufacturing items that meets strict tolerances requirements.

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