Case: Cover for flow and measuring instruments

This case concerns a serie of steel covers for flow and measuring instruments, that we manufacture.

These instruments are used on e.g. oil rigs, cemeical plants and in the food processing industry and  must withstand aggressive cleaning. To resist the cleaning cemicals and prevent corrosion the covers are therefore made of stainless steel, with a subsequent pickling treatment.   

Steel Products have a long history with producing covers to flow and measuring instruments and today we deliver to 4 large companies with customers worldwide.

Therefor we have the capacity to manufacture up to very large production quantities. We also have the possibility to set up a production lines with automated feeding of raw material, and automated packaging on pallets.

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The manufacturing process

We manufacture the covers through 2 diffferent  manufacturing methods. The first methode is asymetric deep-drawing of 2 halfshells, with subsequent anneling, welding and 3D laser cutting operations. 

The secound method is to shape the cover in one piece from one single piece of sheet metal, using a serie of deep-drawing operations, with subsequent anneling and 3D laser cutting operations.

Both manufacturing methods provide strong covers, that tightly encapsulates the flow and measuring instruments and protect them from damage. 

When the covers has left our production line they have achieved a finish, that makes them compleatly ready for assembly at our customers.

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