Floor drain, from a square grill to a round drain

This case refers to floor drains for houses and other buildings. In order to prevent the drain from corroding, the item has been manufactured in stainless steel.

How we manufacture the floor drain

The drain was developed in close cooperation with the customer. Manufactured in stainless steel which is stamped and then formed through a series of deep-drawing processes. The complex design of the item requires a seamless transition from a square top to a round outlet at the bottom of the drain.

At the same time, the top must be prepared for the placing of a removable grill, which is a square and with pointed outer corners. This means, that the inner corners of the drain must be constructed with very exact radios, or the grill and the drain will not match.

The radios of the outer corners also need to be precise in order to allow tiles and other flooring to be mounted around the drain without creating a gap between the drain and the flooring.

The small radios will result in a substantial tension in the material on the outer corners during the process and the challenge is to know how to manufacture the item so that the tension is reduced and prevent the corner from fracturing.

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