Case: Housing for a gas meter

This case concerns a steel housing for a gas meter. The housing is manufactured from stainless steel, to make it more resistant to corrosion.

How we manufacture the housing

Both the cup and the lit which the housing consist of, is manufactured through a deep-drawing operation. On the lit 2 studs are mounted. The mounting of the studs is done without welds through a rivet operation, where the studs are locked to the lit. Subsequently 2 gaskets is mounted, to make sure that the studs are tight.

The mounting of the lit to the cup, is also done without welds. Here the edge of the cup is bended around the lit, so that it is completely fastened. By mounting the different pieces of the housing together without any weld, allow the housing to be produces in one single production unit, without leaving the assembly line. Thus, the process becomes fully automated. This makes the manufacturing process faster and cheaper, to the benefit of the customer.

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Despite the savings obtained from automating the process, deep-drawing also contribute with a number of other benefits. Deep-drawing is a cold metal forming process, therefore the energy related to heating up the metal is saved. As deep-drawn parts are formed from sheet metal, also a higher material strength is obtained, compared to e.g. casted items. The high material strength makes it possible to manufacture products with a thinner wall thickness on the item, without compromising strength or quality specifications.

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