Injection nozzle for truck engine

This case concerns a metal housing, which is used to hold and protect a fuel injection nozzle for a truck engine.

The housing is made of stainless steel, as it is part of an engine system that operates in a harsh environment, with high pressure and temperature fluctuations, that makes it more exposed to wear and corrosion.

Cold Forging

The housing for the injection nozzle is first cold forget, after which it goes through a CNC process.

In the cold forging process the final dimensions of the internal cone is formed. In cold forging the metal is formed at room temperature, contrarily to alternative processes e.g. casting. This is done by a press that can provide pressure of up to 1000 ton, which presses the material to the desired shape, using a pressing tool customized for the specific product. By using a cold forging solution rather than a casted or turned solution, results is a smoother surface on the internal cone of the metal housing corresponding to polishing effects. Cold Forging also provides higher material strength to the nozzle housing compared to casted products.

Another advantage with cold forging Is, that it makes it possible to manufacture products with tight tolerance specification.

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CNC Machining

After the cold forging process, the item enters a finishing process. The CNC process ensures that the outer dimensions is achieved and finishes the product, so it is ready for assembly.  

This process is done in one operation on our fully automated CNC-machines. The fully automated setup reduces manufacturing costs significantly compared to a traditional turning process. This lowers the unit price to the benefit of our customers.

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