Case: Part for an exhaust particle filter

This case refers to a metal item for particle filters used in the exhaust system for trucks. The item is part of the diesel engines exhaust system and placed, where the exhaust gas is added the AdBlue (urea).

The item is manufactured in stainless steel as it is constantly exposed to chemicals and fluctuations in temperature, which requires a special corrosion resistant material.

How we manufacture the exhaustion perticle filter part

In close cooperation with the customer, we invented a construction, which does not require parts to be welded together. This leads to a less expensive manufacturing process and at the same time results in a stronger product as it eliminates the risk of fractures in the welding seam.

This construction is obtained through a combination of stamping and deep-drawing. The advantage of using deep-drawing instead of for instance casting is, that it results in a stronger material as no heating is involved, which would lead to a more porous material.

In many cases deep-drawing will therefor allow the use of materials of less dimensions resulting in lower cost but without sacrificing the products durability or other characteristics.

This makes deep-drawing relevant especially in connection with the auto industry, where the competitive market places high demands on the OEM’s ability to combine for instance durability, strength and low weight with a competitive price.

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