Case: Plate heat exchanger

This case refers to various plates we produce for plate heat exchangers.

In at heat exchanger hot liquid is led in a continues flow along a thin plate. On the other side of the plate a different plate is mounted and cold liquid is led in the other direction. This results in a thermic energy being exchanged between the two layers. The layers in the heat exchanger are copper soldered together.

The process

The layers in the heat exchanger are manufactured in stainless steel and cobber through a process of drawing and pressing. In the process a cobber foil is introduced into a press on top of the stainless steel plate and the two materials are combined in one single operation.

Having been pressed together, they are then packed by a robot in the number of layers necessary to create the heat exchanger and heated up to 1180 C in order for the cobber foil to melt. This make the cobber foil act as a soldering agent, which glues the plates together in the heat exchanger.

The process is fully automatic enabling large quantities to be produced effectively and at a low cost.

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