Case: Protection cover for printer

This case concerns a steel housing used for protecting a printer in the food processing industry. As the housing is used in areas where foods are produced, it is made from stainless steel to prevent corrosion and make cleaning and disinfection easier.

How we manufacture the printer cover

The manufacturing of the housing is done through deep-drawing operations, with subsequent annealing and calibration.

Deep-drawing has several benefits, which makes it particularly suitable for manufacturing items for the food processing industry. By deep drawing the items at room temperature, you avoid those gas pockets that derive from heating up the material in e.g. casting or hot forging processes. These gas pockets cause the surface of the item to become rough.

In contrast hereto, deep-drawn items are not porous, has smoother surfaces and is stronger and more durable. The smooth surfaces are particularly relevant in the food processing industry, where properties in relation to easy cleaning and disinfection are of great importance. 

Another benefit of using a deep-drawing is, that it allows for reducing or even eliminating the amount of welds on the items. This is because that the geometry of the item is shaped by drawing it from one piece of sheet metal, instead of shaping two or more pieces separately and subsequently welding them together. This contributes to a more smooth and homogeneous surface in the corners and the edges of the item.

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