Case: Safety guard for electric stacker

In this case a customer contactes us because he wanted a new, improved design for an electric stacker. The previous product design, had too many edges and now the customer was looking for a more organic design and a design that could improve the safety and durability of the stacker.

In close dialogue with the customer, we came up with a new design, made possible by our common ideas and Steel Products' long experience with deep drawing. Our deep-drawing operations enable the manufacturing of more organic shapes, than what can be achieved from a traditional bending operation.

The new design that we manufacture today, is also equipped with embossings that provides a stronger surface, and make the stacker more resistant to everyday wear and tear. Adittionally, to improve safety, the design is provided with a rounding on the edge, which encloses and protects the operater of the stacker. The new design thus, fully lives up to the customer's strength and safety requirements.

How we manufacture the safe guard

The safety guard is manufactured from sheet metal, which is formed through one single deep-drawing operation, with subsequent welding of a reinforcement plate to make stronger and enhance safety. With a height of 1,000 mm and a weight of 26.6 KG this is one of the big ones – also to handle.

With our knowledge of pressing processes and robot welding, we can finish the component in one operation – also while fulfilling the tolerance requirements  after the welding operation.

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