Case: Steel cover for speakers in cars

This case is about a cup that we manufacture, which is used as a mcover for speakers in cars.

How we manufacture the cover

We manufacture the cover by combining a deep-drawing operation and a fine blanking operation. We use steel as the input material for this product, as it is crucial for speakers that the material has magnetic properties.

By forming the cup from sheet metal, instead of casting the units, a higher density is ensured, which also affects the product's magnetic properties positively.


By using deep-drawing as a manufacturing process, the items are shaped from one piece of sheet metal and the process thus requires no further chip-consuming machining. By avoiding machining, the amount of material used to make the items are significantly reduced.

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Fine Blanking

When a geometric shape, is stamped from a piece of sheet metal, only a little part of the thickness of the sheet is cut. The remaining part of the thickness is simply pinched off. This is what we refer to as the blank zone and the break zone, respectively. By using a fine blanking operation instead of a regular stamping operation, a smaller break zone is obtained.  This allows for complying with tighter tolerance specifications and makes the edges of the finished product smoother. The smooth edge of the items also makes the product more ready for assembly, without requiring further finishing processes.

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