Case: Yoke

In this case we manufacture a yoke used to hold a metal housing for a speaker in a car.

You can also read the case about how we manufacture the metal housing here

How we manufacture the yoke

We manufacture the yoke using a combination of the processes cold forging and fine blanking. As the item is used for a speaker, it is important that the material is magnetic, therefore steel is used in the final product.

Cold Forging

By using a cold forging operation the item is formed from one piece of steel rod. That means that the yoke can be produced completely chip-less. In that way we reduce material waste significantly, compared to chip-consuming metal forming processes like turning, milling and drilling.

That makes the unit cost for producing the product cheaper for our customers, while benefiting the environmental impact of the forming process. Read more about cold forging here

Fine Blanking

When a steel item is stamped from a piece of sheet metal, it is only a part of the thickness of the material, that is cut. The remaining part of the material thickness, is simply pinched off from the sheet.

This is what is technically refeared to as respectively the blankzone and the breakzone. By using a fine blanking operation instead of a conventional stamping operation, we optain a broader blankzone. This allows for manufacturing products with smoother edges and a design that comply with tighter tolerance specifications.

The smoother edges and tighter fit, also makes further processing and finishing operations unnecessary,  and thus makes the product completely ready for further assembly.

Read more about fine blanking here