The best fit

The Best Fit – a customized solution

The best fit is the principle for everything we do. It adds value for both your business and ours, to make the right decisions regarding processes, flow, and tooling.

We want to inspire you to improve product design and reduce material waste, when product of metal are manufactures. We can support you, when you are developing new products, modifying existing products, or is running a cost-down project.


We establish a close collaboration between key persons in your company, and one of our project managers, who have a daily contact to our technical staff. In that way we gain insights into the intersection between the functions you want the product to have, and the possibilities in relation to forming and machining at our production site.
When this knowledge base, meets our flexible manufacturing processes and our 100 years of experience in cold and chipless machining processes, the foundation for product and process innovations based on your unique product-case is established. That is what we refer to as The Best Fit. Contact us today for more information 

What are the benefits?

The result is strong homogeneous metal items, customized for your needs and manufactured through optimized production processes. This reduces the raw material consumption, the carbon footprint, your profitability, and thereby your competitive advantage. See examples on items we manufacture

The right environment for development

Regularly we invest in our employees and our production facility. In that way we ensure a modern and competent company, with effective processes and employees, that have the skills to innovate better solutions customized for your product case. The ongoing training of our quality staff and update of our equipment, also ensure that we are always at the forefront when it comes to quality assurance. Read more about our quality here